Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has attracted much attention lately. Apart from the recent crash of a Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800, Schiphol presented some rather disappointing 2008 performance figures. Passenger traffic fell by more than 7% while the transit of cargo dropped by almost 10% (see figures below).

Nevertheless, the airport is looking ahead and has some far-reaching plans to further establish its current position on the global market. One of these plans has been visualised in a short video which explains how the airport would like to develop its physical capacity until 2025-2030. The artist impression shows the addition of a new runway, parallel to the existing Kaagbaan (06-24), and a new international terminal located opposite to the current building.

This forecasted increase in physical capacity should enable Schiphol to accomodate some 75 to 80 million passengers a year, corresponding to approximately 650.000 air transport movements.

A vision that will become reality, or an unreachable dream?

Schiphol airport overview


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