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Latest News

- * Friday 22 April 2009 II Last RJ flights

EMy previous sim session was also my last one on the BAe AVRO RJ. Within two weeks I'll by starting my training on our new aircraft; the Embraer 170/190. All but three of these brand new aircraft have been delivered straight from the factory in Brazil. The next delivery to look forward to is next week, with one more to follow in May and the last Embraer 190 should in theory arrive in November. By then we should have a total of 11 Embraer aircraft in our fleet.

Embraer 170 - (76 passengers)


Embraer 190 - (98 passengers)

Embraer 190

Flights on the RJ are scattered thin. With only two RJ85's left and still a good number of crew to transition onto the new fleet, all the available work has to be devided over a relatively large pool of pilots. Although the first three months have been busy for me, April is really quiet. Not helped off course by the Icelandic ash cloud that took a good buch of flying away from me. But the flipside is that I got to spend some proper time at home with the family. Something that will soon prove itself very precious as the traning and subsequent flying kicks in. Gone are the days off and almost no nightstops as it's back to lots of sectors, now even weekend charter flying and a fair number of nights in hotels.

The only 'exiting' thing of late was a Red Windshear' condition we had on approach into Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago. Red Windshear, or Negative Windshear, is basically a perfomance degrading situation that we are trained to deal with. It's something that's usually accompanied with crap weather, as it was this time as well. It was my first windshear since being on the RJ, only a month before I leave it having had a good run at avoiding them. We weren't the only one going round that night as I saw numerous aircraft having another go at it.

It might be interesting to read how a transition onto a new aircraft fleet is for us pilots. It's called a typerating and there are various variations depending on type of aircraft and how the airline organises it. So I'll keep it applicabel to mine. We start of with a three week groundschool crash course on the technical side of the aircraft. Nowadays done on a computer with a pile of books and questions to aide you. After a succesfull final exam it into the simulator. We're doing 10 sessions of 4 hours each plus (de-) briefs. Once that's done it's off to the CAA to get the aircraft endorsed on you license and off you go. Well, sort off. The next thing is doing some circuits in the actual aicraft, without passengers ofcourse. Or you do them in a so called 'zero flight time' simulator. Saves the company money as you don't have to use an actual aircraft and fly it around for 4 hours but it's less fun for us. Luckely we'll be flying the real plane and doing several circuits each. After that you are cleared to fly with passengers but with an instructor. The so called linetraining. We're doing 10 sectors IIRC ending with another exam. A pass on that one means you are cleared to fly on normal line flghts with passengers and without the instructor. I my case I'm looking to have this done in about 6 to 7 weeks time after starting on day 1.

- * Friday 04 December 2009 II Embraer arrival

It has been quiet lately but that's because there's really not that much news. Next week it's back to the good old BAE 146/RJ simulator, this time in Brussels. Hopefully for the last time as the next sim session is during the Embraer 170/190 typerating. Currently there have been 4 E170's delivered with nbr 5 arriving in 11 days. I've had the pleasure of travelling on them a number of times and must admit the difference is hudge. Spacious, light and modern. Both for us as crew and for our passengers. A really big change to our operation and a welcome change. Here some impressions;

Embraer 170

Embraer 170 Cabine

Embraer 170 Cockpit 1

Embraer 170 Cockpit 2

Embraer 170


- * Monday 13 April 2009 II Summer is back

Well, summer's here. But you wouldn't tell it by looking at my roster. 10 Days off, 9 days standby, 10 days of actually doing some work and 1 day of training. Basically two days off for the price of one. That combined with only 6 nightstops is a luxury with the wee one at home. This time last year it was 21 nightstops easely. Must have something to do with our new crew base in London City.

Looking ahead. My Embraer conversion date is yet unknown but looking at the company's criteria it's looking more likely that I'll be starting somewhere this time next year. Something to do with simulator schedueling. The first three Embraer 170's will be based at London City and the subsequent 3 Embraer 170's will be basedhere, up north. It's bigger brother, the Embraer 190, was in London City for it's certification a while ago. I haven't seen it move personally but I've been told it looked quite smart.

Embraer ERJ-190-100LR 190LR aircraft picture

Copyright Jakub Michalak @

Een filmpje is hier te vinden;

- * Tuesday 10 March 2009 II THE BIG NEWS ***PART 2***

Well, let me start with an apology regarding the lack of updates recently with the exception of my flickr photo page. It's been rather hectic lately. The big news is the arrival of the latest addition to our family, a beautiful baby daughter called Emma! Born 4 weeks early on the 1st of February 2009. Both mother and Emma are doing really well. I was lucky I was home when my wife gave birth, something that you can't take for granted in our profession. The company has been really good and cooperative to me/us throughout. Although I've hardly done any work during the last 6 weeks I would love to have my girls around me a wee while longer.

In the mean time I'll leave you with a photo of Emma (being just 4 weeks old) and her proud dad;

Emma Zwart

- * Thursday 25 December 2008 II THE BIG NEWS!

It's been a weird year with lot's of doom and gloom. But a couple of days ago our future changed for the better. Finally our company future was revieled after months and months of speculation. And it's good news! British Airways has ordered 11 brand new Brazilian Embraer E170 and E190's jets plus options for 3 more and purchase rights for an additional 15 Embraer E-jets to replace our existing BAe AVRO fleet.These Embraers are also known as E-Jets or my favorite, a 'JungleBus'. In other words a sort of an Airbus version 2.

The Embraer 170 will be the standard version and is already certified for London City operations. The Embraer 190 will be known as a '190SR' version which means 'Short Runway'. It's certification is expected to be completed by the end of next year.

Here's and illustration of what's to come;

Embraer 190SR

The first aircraft to arrive are the Embraer 170 jets with two in September 2009 and then one each month thereafter. This news not only means a new fleet but also job security and our parent company, British Airways dedication to invest in us and London City Airport. Something that in todays climate can't be taken lightly!

Some facts;

  • 6 x Embraer 170 and 5 x Embraer 190SR aircraft plus additional options and purchase rights
  • The Embraer 170 seats 76 and the Embraer 190SR seat 98 passengers in a single class layout
  • No more middle seat!
  • Efficient, economical, effective, enjoyable for passengers and crew and enviromentally friendly

That's all from the Scottish capital for now.

A very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year...


- * Friday 05 December 2008 II 'Sinterklaas' in Scotland

Sinterklaas, a traditional Dutch tradition that just doesn't come alive here in Scotland. Especially when you have to work on this grey and rainy day. Well work, it's a standby till late. The day before yesterday a company called Flightline went into Administration. They were based in Southend and flew the BAe146 on a long term contract for us operating about 10 flights a day to Dublin, Nice and Edinburgh. That also means our programme has changed with several cancelled flights and roster adjustments. That was the reason my roster yesterday got changed to now do a early London City to Dublin and back iso an Edinburgh. It was my first time to Dublin but I would rather have done it under different circumstances. It's a difficult time for our (ex) Flightline colleagues in the run up to christmas. My thoughts are with you guys and I wish you all the best!

- * Friday 07 November 2008 II Emergency services

My latest trip included a three sector day ending up in a hotel near Amsterdam, followed by a two sector day starting in Glasgow and ending in Zurich and finally a two sector day coming back home to Edinburgh. Traditionally around this time of year you'll get the odd foggy morning,grey drizzley days with low clouds or it's surreal calm. This trip had it all.

The first day was fine and we had a nice break in the hotel. The nex day called for a late start and position from Amsterdam directly to Glasgow with KLM. Not too shabby! On the shuttle bus to the airport we definately noticed the fog. Not a good sign! On the news we heard we could anticipate heavy delays because of the fog. We had a couple of hours to kill in Glasgow so that shouldn't be a problem. After getting the checkin sorted, me taking seat 1F, we proceded to the newly opened KLM Crowne Business Lounge. We had to wait a couple of hours due to the cancellation of our schedueled flight so we had to take the later one.

We left 40 minutes late making an on-time arrival for our own flight nearly impossible. On the way over we got pampered by the really nice KLM crew. During the cruise we felt a sudden vibration followed by a PA from the captain that we had just flown through another aircraft's jetstream. Nothing to worry about. Then 15 minutes later the captain got on the PA once again and requested our attention. After consolting the vibration with the technical department back in AMS it was decided that we needed to do a main gear inspection as they suspected a burst tire.

The plan of action was to do a low speed pass in the landing configuration over the runway at 200 feet to get it checked out, and then come back in for a normal landing. Now that's a way to start your day! Lots of 'interest' from the ground just before we made a missed approach. All was fine, as suspected, and we came in for a normal landing. After vacating the runway we were greated by ton's of blue lights. Glad I was not upfront and just chillin in Business. We ended up running 90 minutes late into Glasgow. And we still hadn't started the day!

- * Monday 27 October 2008 II South westerly gails

It's not my favorite thing of the day, getting up early in the morning. It's that getting through the getting outta bed phase. It's fine once you're at 35000 feet staring out the window during breakfast.


The next morning it was time for my annual linecheck. A standard EDI-LCY-GLA so no problem at all. Do what you usually do, just fly the company SOP's and you're fine. The next day the weather forecast for Scotland wasn't as pretty. A strong south westerly storm and heavy rain was on the program. So coming back up from London City we decided to fuel an extra ton of fuel in anticipation of delayed vectoring, some holding, icing on the approach and/or a windshear go-around. Which is what happened to the BMI Airbus that went around due to a windshear warning. The surface wind on the ATIS reported 220 at 32 knots gusting to 45 knots with rain and windshear. Windspeed at 3000 feet was 77 knots. Being in a Cessna at this time meant you'd be going backwards. Right up to about 1500 feet it wasn't so bad. But below 1500 feet it was really rough as hell. Something I haven't experienced before. The captain was flying the approach manually, just so we get a better windshear protection as the autopilot / autothrottle is too slow to react to these conditions. The landing was nice but there were several passengers that threw up. And the speed was all over the place, from -10 knots to +25 knots below 500 feet. Just another day at the office...


- * Saturday 04 October 2008 II And the good news is...

Just to dive straight in. The good news is that we are expecting our first baby! Due date will be the end of Februari or early March 2009. So far so good so we'll keep our fingers crossed. We're over the moon by this news that will change our lives forever in a very positive way. We can't wait...! The mother is doing very well and the new dad to be has just finished (re-)decorating our new baby room. We've been back home to Holland to tell family and friends the exiting news and the reactions are very hartwarming. Thanks to everyone for their kind cards, gifts and e-mails. We'll keep you posted.

Work wise there hasn't been any major news items that were supposed to be announced in September. Another reason I held off on a brief update. 30th September marked the end of my first full year flying commercially. Here some statistics;

  • Flying hours: 564
  • Sectors flown: 353
  • Average sector time: 1hr 35min block-to block
  • Landings by myself: 167
  • Go-arounds: 2, both at London City
  • Baulked landings: 1, at London City due low level windshear
  • Destinations: 14
  • Shortest flight: 00:13 min from London Stansted to London City. (Blocktime)
  • Longest flight: 03:05 min from London City to Madrid with strong headwinds

* Landings are counted as a pure fact.

* Baulked landings are go-arounds whereby you make contact with the runway itself.

I'm quite pleased as well about the amount of hours I've flown. Before I started I knew I could expact around 450 hours, with 500 being a optimistic figure. Since the day I started flying on the line BA Cityflyer grew from 7 to 12 destinations and our fleet has expanded from 10 to 12 AVRO's. 10x AVRO RJ100's and 2x a AVRO RJ85.Furthermore there are 2 BAE 146's wet leased to expand our service to Nice, Frankfurt, Edinburgh en Glasgow vluchten and add Dublin as another new destination..

- * Wednesday 13 August 2008 II Busy times

July has passed filling the logbook with more hours than expected. On average you can assume to be doing something in the order of 45 hours a month. July when up to 63 for me which was a record. This is mostly caused by our expansion in destinations and frequencies. Adding extra services from London City to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Frankfurt and Nice. Furthermore I've managed to work 5 out of my 7 days of leave which is extraordinary. Good for the bank account but more importantly good for the logbook. With our company and the type of flying we do, you can expect to be doing roughly 500 flying hours a year. The legal limit in the UK is 100 hours in 28 days or 900 flying hours in a year. With airlines like Easyjet or Ryanair you can expect to be doing something in the order of 650/700 or 850/900 respectively.

At the moment I om on track for about 525 hours this year since I started on September 30 last year. Due to the fact I did all this extra flying and a lot of 3 day trips my actual duty hours, time from checkin untill checkout, were so high I had to be taken off some flying days to stay legal. So instead I got a block of 4 days off which was nice! I was also low on total days off in 12 weeks so another reason to get some days off.

One the main issues the last couple of months was the lack of captains. And the ones who are currently flying fly their socks off to maintain the program. But now there has been a noticable shift of lack of available flight crew from captains to First Officers. Mostly due to either pregnancy's or promotion to captain. Our lifestlyle is still hopping from hotelroom to hotelroom. A longhaul lifestyle on a shourthaul plane. Leaving home without your overnight bag is strange and makes you feel naked.

My wife and I managed to squeeze in sort of a holiday at the end of July when she accompanied me on a three day trip to Madrid. We had a great time, wonderfull crew, stunning weather (41C!) and a good chance for Marije to see what our day-to day operation looks like. And this trip was no exception. I found it quite usefull for her to see what we deal with, how easy it is for things to go different than planned and it makes it easier for her to relate to when I come home with all these stories. And the next trip has already been planned!

Edinburgh city has once again been transformed into the cultural-and entertainment capital of the world during the Fringe Festival month of August. Dozens and dozens of shows and many tourists crowd the streets and theaters. Last week we went to see a comedy show by Amsterdam Underground. Dutch standup comedians doing shows in English. This show was done by Micha Wertheim and was a great succes. Tomorrow we've got one of the best english comedians lined up; Jimmy Carr! Can't wait...

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

- * Sunday 15 June 2008 II Simulator time

Just a quick update. This month was all about going back to the sim for my 6 monthly check. Unfortunately I had to go to Istanbul rather than Brussels. Not a really big thing but it's a four day trip for 'just' 8 hours of simulator time. The good news is that I'm good to go for another six months. The last day of the check was a 18 hour day starting with a early sim start followed by two flights back home. We got to Heathrow a bit early and tried to get the earlier Edinburgh flight but, although it was delayed, we weren't allowed to take it. So, back to the BA Galleries Lounge in Terminal 5 to relax and watch the Euro 2008 game. And boy, do I like the Euro 2008 tournament so far! I was fortunate that It was my turn to do the PA during a flight to Frankfurt just after the France - Holland match. The funny thing was that one of our cabin crew members was French. Her face when I told her was priceless. She was a good sport thought.

Now time to go to Madrid on Tuesday. Again lot's of new photo's on my flickr page, including my Istanbul - Heathrow jumpseat ride on the 767.

- * Saturday 24th May 2008 II Back to work

After having those 10 days off it's back to line flying for me. My wife Marije and I drove through the Scottish Highlands for a week in a rental car and managed to clock up 1004 miles during our trip! (1615km) We drove from B&B to B&B and had a great time with perfect weather. Clear blue skies and temperatures around 20 to 25 degrees! Friendly people, stunning views and landscapes in blossom. What a beautiful country!

Now back to every day life. I'm doing 26 sectors between Edinburgh and London City this month. I've got my first Warsaw coming up next month as well. Really looking forward to that. I've been to Amsterdam a couple of times now and it's a great route. Airborne for 38 minutes with a nice high workload, good for 4 sector days. It's a bit weird to speak Dutch again on a airport and to be honest, I prefer to speak English. Our new RJ85 has been flying for a couple of weeks as well but I still haven't been on it. Next month I've got a couple of Madrid flights coming up and the aircraft is dedicated to that route. The next RJ85 is about to come online in one or two weeks.

Also a first this month as my wife Marije comes with me down the back to London City. Then a night in London with the next morning off before we head back up to Edinburgh at 1430 with me as Pilot Flying. It's the first time she flies with me after almost three years since I started my training almost 3 years ago. Looking forward to it...!

Again lot's of new photo's on my flickr page. Including lots of Scottish Highlands pictures.


- * Wednesday 16th April 2008 II Standby means a day off?

Normally I would awnser this question with a yes. But after returning from Madrid last saturday morning after only 4 hours of sleep I was glad to have the next day off. Not really a day off but a standby from 1200 to 2000hr. But as we all know a standby duty usually means a day off, especially if the company you work for has too many (just a couple) First Officers. Although you're still a 'prisoner' of your own mobile on those standby days and can't really do anything usefull outside of the four walls of your apartment. But that's another story. The Madrid flights all whent on scheduele apart from the last one. It's always the last one that messes thing up isn't it! Beautifull spring (caugh caugh...) evening, full load down the back and on scheduele is when we left our stand at London City. The airport at these hours of the day is a really busy time and it isn't uncommen having to wait a fair bit here and there. But still, we were on scheduele to make our ATC slot. Once at the holding point for the runway we expected to get a line-up and wait clearance after the next landing traffic. If only this were true! ATC advised us airport operations had found a puddle of fluid on our stand and they were sending someone over to have a closer inspection. A car drove up and found that a fluid was dripping from the nosegear so we had to return to stand. Bye bye slot, scheduele and sleep. In the end a seal on the nosegear strutt was found leaking once under pressure. That's why we didn't spot it during the walkaround, because it isn't pressurised at that time. Engineers fixed the problem, passengers, company, ATC and handling well informed and we left once again with a 90 minute delay. But, safety first!

And then the standby on the next day. I'll go through this one to give you an idea of what a stanby day looks like when you're actualy called out. I wasn't on stanby until 1200hr so we could either have a long and generous sleep or go to the Edinburgh Castle as it was the last day of Scottish History weekend where all the historical attractions were free access to the public. Easy choise and the alarm was set (too) early. The castle was really nice and much bigger than expected. Well worth visit but try to choose a day with sunshine and good visibility.

We were back home just before my stanby time started. Great, a sunday afternoon 'off' and live motorsport on tv. Good stuff. Then just after the MotoGP race started the (bloody) phone rang! Immediately that uneasy feeling like your mind already knows what's gonna happen when you pick up the phone. And indeed, the mind was right. Operations on the phone. Sorry but...see you at the airport within an hour. Quickly changed clothes, grabbed the flightbag, kiss to the whife and off to the airport. Door to crewroom in exactly 59 minutes. Well done on a sunday afternoon if I say so myself, especially with all the roadworks in Edinburgh to get the tram up and running. I checked in to position as a passenger down to London City after meeting the captain in the crewroom. No cabin crew today as we were to pick an aircraft up that had recieved a new paintjob and was in a hanger at (London) Southend Airport. Just the two of us today. Nicely ahead of scheduele we were in London City around 1600hr. The company taxi was waiting for us and within 5 minutes after doors open on the platform we were on our way to Southend for a 45 minute drive. Almost nobody at the airport when we got there around 1650hr. I would say there were only around five people on this side of the runway ant that includes reception, ATC and airfield operation! No action here on sunday obviously apart from the one lonesome Cessna doing circuits. It's a small airport mainly doing maintenance work and flight training during the week. The aircraft wasn't ready unfortunately so we were offered a nice cup of coffee and tea by the very friendly receptionist and settled in to watch some tv to kill time. We had to wait at least 3hrs for the aircraft and paperwork to be ready. We had a bite to eat on the way down to London City but as it was approaching tea time we started looking to see if any of the restaurants were open. But everything was closed and the only option was to go to McDonalds just off the airport. I can't recommend going there on a sunday evening in uniform. You don't really fit in well, but what do you expect! After a quick burger it was back to the reception to check on the status. And again a further delay. Leaving before 2100hr seemed inpossible. Arghh... I was expecting to be back home by then. Around 2030hr we said goodby to the friendly receptioninst and thanked her for the lovey cups of coffe and tea and the nice company. Airfield Operations brought us to the maintenance side of the airport where our aircraft was still in the hanger with scafffolding still up in some places. This doesn't look good...

We met up with the lead mechanic and we were told that she would be ready in about 20 minutes but the aircraft needed a so called Power Assurance Check before it could be taken up to Edinburgh. We eventually rolled her out of the hanger in total darkness, put a couple of tons of fuel on and the engineers took over. They started her up after her short hibernation and taxied across the airfield to do a high power run on each engine to make sure the engines are within all the pre-set limits. That took about 30 minutes and was great to experience. We had been granted special dispensation because we were producing (considerable) noise outside of the airfield operating hours. The aircraft was taxied back and shut down by the engineers. With the paperwork done, security checks and a full first flight of the day check carried out as well we started her up again and set off to Edinburgh around 2210hr. Only 3 hours later then schedueled but that's life on trips like these.

Flight time was only 59 minutes and cruising at FL300 for this short sector. Before setting of the captain and I flipped a coin to see who would be Pilot Flying (PF) and who would be Pilot Monitoring. (PNF) Just my luck as usual, I lost and would be PNF for this sector. At least this gave me the opertunity to do a descent into Edinburgh as that's normally the captain who does it with my landing to follow. But as rolles were reversed, I would be doing the descent tonight. Because the main runway at Edinburgh is closed after certain hours for major overhaul, landing traffic was now using runway 30 with a non precision SRA approach!

* SRA explenation. A Surveillance Radar Approach (SRA or ASR) is an aviation term for a type of instrument approach provided with active assistance from Air Traffic Control during the final approach phase. It requires no special equipment in addition to a standard surveillance radar system used by Air Traffic Control (ATC). It thus differs from most other instrument approaches which utilise a radio navigation system to provide guidance during the final approach

As it requires no special equipment to be carried on board an aircraft, an SRA is considered a fall-back approach for aircraft that are having instrument or electrical problems and therefore cannot rely on on-board instruments; it is also sometimes provided to runways that do not usually receive instrument traffic and therefore do not have any other approach aids provided.

During the approach, the controller provides headings to keep the aircraft on the runway centreline as viewed on radar. The controller also reads out advisory altitudes based upon the observed range from touchdown: pilots can use these to assist with their descent planning. Since guidance is only provided horizonally , SRAs are non-precision approaches. Controller guidance terminates at between 2 nmi and 0.5 nmi from touchdown, at which point the pilot must either be visual with the runway, or must go around.

The weather was oke so the field was in sight from about 10 miles and a nice landing from the captain followed. First exit of the runway and onto the apron to shut her down for the night and to go home aournd 2345hr. Time to get sone sleep!

The next day was a short standby as well but I didn't get called out. The day after it was back to school with a day of CRM and Security recurrent training. I hope you enjoyed my detailed working day description. For now, I'm into my days off. Take care...!


- * Wednesday 26th March 2008 II Busy Easter weekend

You've propably noticed the new layout already. I'll give this a try as it reduces the work it takes to get these posts up and running. All the older messages can still be found if you scroll down or through the archives section. They won't be deleted!


Easter weekend, meaning busy times. March itself is one of the busiest months so far for me. A nice bonus were the charter flights I had been allocated which coincided with the Easter weekend. Besides those charters my month started with a couple of Madrid and Zurich flights. At the end of my standard three days/two nights Madrid tour I was asked by our Operations department to cover for a stranded F/O and return to Madrid for an extra night. Fine with me as that's always a good tour to build some hours. Due to strong winds on the way back from Madrid to London City we had a block time of 3hrs 05 minutes! Normally it's around 2hr 45min. A 145 knot jetstream straight on the nose didn't help. The jetsream was reported by the inbound crew to be above FL310. Once we climbed above FL314 it was suddenly really bad and we immediately decended to FL300 for the cruise. Nice and smooth there. On another sector on that tour one of our engine (bleed) air valves simply gave up which meant we had to return to stand just as we were about to line up. We could have departed with it but as we were still on the ground we felt it was better to return to the gate and take a slight delay than to fly to London with it, which was perfectly safe and nothing more than a inconvenience.

Than the charters. Last weekend was my first weekend of (ski) charters. Alarm clock was set at 0400hr for a 0700hr departure to London City. One in London CIty we positioned the aircraft to Birmingham. Flight time just 31 minutes and a block (departure to arrival gate) time of just 45 minutes! We could have knocked a couple of minutes of it if we had decided to go to our planned cruising level of FL200 so we could accelerate to 295 knots. We elected however to remain at FL90 wich meant we are restricted to 240 knots. (company SOP) Luckely we briefed the expected arrival routing and runway before we left London City as time literally flew by. Once in Birmingham we turned the aircraft around, boarded a full load of passengers (110) and all their ski equipment for Lyon. A nice change from a normal day on the line. Nice to spot some different aircraft as well!

Lyon airport overview

Air Austral B777

After getting back to Birmingham it was straight to the hotel to get some deserved rest. 4 Secor days are really nice but after the last leg you know it was a four sector day! Unfortuntaly the hotel was host to a Asian Wedding show and we had a lot of people running the corridors all through the night constantly waking me. How annoying. When we eventually got to the airport we found out that Manchester was closed due to the snow and Birmingham was expecting some diverting flights but the snow 'storm' was closing in fast. And indeed, it didn't take long. By the time we got to the aircraft it had started snowing alreay. Again a full load. This time it was to Turin. Flight time was just under 2hrs. We opted to de-ice the aircraft after all the passengers had boarded and once that was finished we had 25 to 30 minutes (holdover time) to get airborne. When we got to the runway and lined up we noticed that one of the airconditioning packs wouldn't open properly. It was my sector so I was pilot flying. Usually just a indication that it has a sticky valve and it will open once it gets some air going through it. So I applyed takeoff power and released the brakes. 'Power set' and than the Amber attention getter sounded with a Ice Protect Lookup on our Central Warning Panel. 'Stop Stop' was called by the captain (P2) and I closed the thrust levers, disconnected the auto-throttle and applied maximum braking. Now that's exiting I can tell you! My first rejected takeoff. Not a high speed one fortunately. Normal drills followed, our Quick Reference Handbook actioned and after completion we decided to see it the problem presisted. Again the before takeoff checklist from top to bottom and we agreed with ATC to do a high power run. Unfortunately again the same problem so we had to vacate the runway. After some troubleshooting we decided to line-up once more this time without furter problems and set of to Turin. Probably
a sticky valve. The approach over the Alps is always spectacular. A minumum safe altitude of 18300 feet is not uncommon there!

Crossing the Alps towards Turin

Descending over the Alps

And my favorite;

Just spectacular

My landing was really nice despite the tailwind on finals. Turin was packed with ski charters. All of them from the UK and Boeing 757's. The departure with a full load was exiting as well. I've never had such a long takeoff roll. WOW!

Turin's runway 33

The rest of the flight was uneventfull and we were eventually back in Glasgow about 50minutes late. A quick taxi to Edinburgh and I was just able to see the last 25 minutes of the Formula 1 re-run on ITV.

Next weekend it's the same story all over again apart from the Lyon flight on saturday. These are the last charters this seasons as well. Our Nice flights will start on the 30th of March daily on monday to friday. Rumor is that we will be starting Dublin as well this summer, three times a day with a nightstop as well. We'll see, hopefully it's true...

Again lot's of new photo's on my flickr page. More than shown on this page.


- Our newest fleet addition, a AVRO RJ85. Here the first photo!

- * Friday 29th February 2008 II As time progresses...

- Video Ever seen a B777 vs A1GP race car do a dragrace? Here 's the article with pictures and video!

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- * Zaterdag 22 September II Trouwen op Mauritius

- * Video Prachtig Lauriston Castle nabij Edinburgh (Youtube)

- * Donderdag 23 Augustus II Lauriston Castle @ Edinburgh foto's

- Video 'Met de vlam in de pijp...' Een oud filmpje maar oh zo interessant (Youtube)

- * Vrijdag 17 Augustus II Killing time...

- * Aantal foto's online: 737! Zie ze hier...

- * Prachtig London City...! Foto 1 - Foto 2 - Foto 3 en plus foto'tje Edinburgh

- Video Ik kan niet wachten! Dit zijn mijn fans! Yes... ;-)

- * Donderdag 19 July II Getting married in Mauritius!

- * Woensdag 11 Juli II Jumpseats en Edinburgh

- * Zaterdag 30 Juni II Base Training @ Glasgow Prestwick

- * Vrijdag 29 Juni II Sim in Istanbul - Part 2

- * Maandag 18 Juni II Sim in Istanbul - Part 1

- * Dinsdag 15 Mei II Hokken in Edinburgh!

- Donderdag 03 Mei II Technische fase afgerond

- Vrijdag 27 April II Performance examen is ook binnen

- Maandag 23 April II Technisch examen AVRO RJ100 gehaald!

- Maandag 09 April II Nieuw adres en afscheid...

- * Vrijdag 23 maart II Zojuist aangenomen bij British Airways (BA) Cityflyer!!!!!!!!!!!

- * Donderdag 22 maart II Graduation AP249 en het vertrouwde AP252!

- * Donderdag 08 Maart II Bezoekje aan de verkeersleiding op Schiphol

- Zondag 25 Februari II Een Frans @ BA Cityflyer mijlpaal! De 10.000 pageviews zijn zojuist gepasseerd sinds de start van de meting op 11 April 2006!!! Mijn dank aan alle geinteresseerde over de afgelopen tijd en blijf kijken, want ook na de opleiding blijf ik online en regelmatig updaten! Op naar de 25.000...

- * Dinsdag 20 Februari II Weekje Nyenrode

- Video Vrijdag 09 Februari II Al mijn filmpjes, oude en recente, nu via online! Bekijk ze onder het kopje 'Mijn Video's' halverwege de rechter navigatiebalk. Of ga naar mijn overzichtspagina bij Youtube via deze directe link.

- Maandag 29 Januari II De 'Foto Gallery' pagina is vernieuwd! Nu weergegeven via een flash presentatie! Neem een kijkje in de gallery naar keuze...

Beste lezers,

Graag wil ik iedereen via deze weg hartelijk bedanken voor alle reacties, felicitaties en kaartjes naar aanleiding van het 'Geslaagd' berichtje in de Wieringer courant! Het is nu even wat stil qua nieuws maar als er wat is, dan plaats ik het gelijk hier. Nogmaals merci!

- * Maandag 15 Januari II De opleiding is afgerond!!!!!

- * Donderdag 04 Januari II MCC is begonnen

Beste lezers,

Natuurlijk de beste wensen en een gelukkig en gezond 2007. Op naar een nieuw jaar vol vliegplezier! Volg ook in het nieuwe jaar mijn vlieg bevindingen op Tot zover mijn dank aan al mijn lezers/bezoekers voor alle reacties.

Ik ga er even met Marije tussenuit naar Mexico, but I'll be back...

- * Woensdag 29 November II AJFC deel 2, het zit er alweer op

- Vrijdag 23 November II AJFC deel 1

- * Donderdag 16 November II Waar we het allemaal voor doen...

- Zaterdag 04 November II Instrument Rating (IRT) binnen!!!

- Zaterdag 28 October II Spinning in de Zlin

- Dinsdag 24 October II 170A gehaald

- * Zondag 22 October II Laatste loodjes

- * Vrijdag 13 October II Rondje Bristol

- * Zaterdag 30 September II Foto Gallery: Bizzjets @ Oxford

- * Zaterdag 30 September II Getting closer...

- Video Vrijdag 29 September II Oxford - Bournemouth - Oxford compilatie

- * Woensdag 26 September II Foto Gallery: Heathrow page 2

- * Dinsdag 26 September II Persoonlijke Foto Gallery nu online!

- * Donderdag 21 September II Nu wordt het interessant

- * Donderdag 14 September II Weer een weekje verder

- Woensdag 13 September II Frans @ DutchOps back online!

- Donderdag 07 September II Wonen in de sim

- Mijn vlieg agenda II Zowel heden als verleden... ***completed!***

- * Woensdag 30 Augustus II Alweer een jaar verder!

- * Zondag 27 Augustus II Blenheim Palace

- * Zondag 20 Augustus II Shoppen in London

- * Donderdag 17 Augustus II Multi Engine Class Rated! (MECR)

- 'Vraag en Uitleg' pagina ge-update met de Seneca II data

- * Zaterdag 12 Augustus II Visueel vliegen op de Seneca

- Maandag 31 Juli II Eerste Seneca vluchten

- * Zondag 30 Juli II Rondje zuid-oost kust UK

- * Zaterdag 29 Juli II Eerste Seneca plaatjes

- * Dinsdag 25 Juli II 2 maal goud!

- Maandag 24 Juli II Terug in Oxford

- * Video Vrijdag 14 Juli II Einde FOF & Harrier Chrash at Oxford!

- Woensdag 12 Juli II Halverwege FOF week 2

- Maandag 10 Juli II FOF week 1 afsluiting

- * Dinsdag 04 Juli II Terug in de UK. Eerst de First Officer Fundamentals. (FOF)

- Donderdag 22 Juni II Commercieel Piloot!

- Volgende update komt vanuit Nederland...stay tuned

- 'Vraag en Uitleg' pagina ge-update met Archer en Arrow data.

- * Vrijdag 16 Juni II Kleine update

- * Zaterdag 10 Juni II CPL Cross Country

- * Woensdag 07 Juni II PT2 profile en PT2 achter de rug

- * Zondag 04 Juni II Geen vliegen

- * Donderdag 01 Juni II Onder de kap en instrument flying

- Woensdag 31 Mei II Internet/PC problemen opgelost. I'm back in business!

- Video Nachtvliegen deel 1 (19,5mb = 4:31min) Met dank aan Olivier voor het filmen s'nachts

- Video Nachtvliegen deel 2 (12,1mb = 4:01min)

- Video Nachtvliegen deel 3 (20,7mb = 5:54min)

- * Zondag 28 Mei II Lekker weekje + Scottsdale Gunclub

- Video Tucson Int. Impressie (38,5mb = 4:56min) (beschikbaar op aanvraag)

- Maandag 22 Mei II PT1, verhuizing en storm in Scottsdale

- Naar Phoenix? II Hier het antwoord op een aantal veel gestelde vragen.

- * Woensdag 17 Mei II Tucson foto's

- * Dinsdag 16 Mei II Even bijpraten plus navigatie foto's

- Maandag 08 Mei II Een dag uit het leven van...

- Video Touch 'n go's op Scottsdale (37,3mb = 7:34min) (beschikbaar op aanvraag)

- * Dinsdag 02 Mei II Viva Las Vegas! (het laden kan even duren, 15 foto's = 3.5mb)

- Vrijdag 28 April II Ben even drie dagen afwezig. Marije en ik zijn lekker luxueus in The Venetian, Las Vegas! Begin volgende week weer een update.

- * Woensdag 26 April II Eerste solo is een feit!!!

- Video Eerste solo! (35.6mb = 4:04min)

- * Dinsdag 25 April II Ook een bezoekje aan Canyon de Chelly

- Zaterdag 22 April II Circuitjes vliegen

- Video Hotel en omgeving (21.6mb =3:50min) (beschikbaar op aanvraag)

- * Dinsdag 18 April II The Grand Canyon...! (incl. extra grote (24x) foto reportage)

- Zondag 16 April II Pasen. Ben met Marije voor een aantal dagen naar de Grand Canyon en omgeving. Volgende update ergens eind aankomende week...

- * Donderdag 13 April II Eerste eigen landing!

- Video Eerste landing (21.6mb =2:40min) (beschikbaar op aanvraag)

- Woensdag 12 April II Na wat vrije dagen vandaag AP-5

- * Maandag 10 April II Nog even wat foto's van de hotel kamer

- Vraag en uitleg pagina nu online. Maar er komt meer...

- * Dinsdag 04 April II Wat foto's van vlucht AP-3 (= dus vlucht 3 )

- Video FLying to Phoenix Part 2 (36.6mb = 6:06min)

- * Vrijdag 31 maart II First Flight!!!

- Dinsdag 28 maart II Wat is amerikaans? Klik hier en hier

- Video FLying to Phoenix Part 1 (33.5mb = 7:22min)

- * Zondag 26 maart II Live vanuit Scottsdale, Phoenix!!!

- Donderdag 23 maart II Een cijfer overzichtje als afsluiting...

- Donderdag 23 maart II Fase II JAA resultaten zijn binnen!!!

- * Woensdag 01 maart II Sneeuw in Oxford

- Zaterdag 25 Februari 2006 II Resultaten schoolfinals fase II

- * Zaterdag 18 Februari 2006 II NO MORE GROUNDSCHOOL!!!

- * Vrijdag 27 Januari 2006 II Visa werk & Yoghi

- * Dinsdag 24 Januari 2006 II Test 2

- * Vrijdag 13 Januari 2006 II Gewend aan fase II

- Vrijdag 06 Januari 2006 II Gelukkig nieuwjaar

- * Donderdag 22 December 2005 II Fase I JAA resultaten & het begin van mijn site
















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