General Electric F110 General
Engine Type
Three Stage turbofan engine
Thrust Rating
17,000 lb st
General Electric
General Electric F110 Program Milestones
First Engine Test
Late 1979
First Flight F-16
First Delivery

GE F110 Dimensions
181.9 inch
Fan Diameter
46.5 inch
Basic Dry Weight

General Electric F110

The General Electric F110 (previously the F101 DFE) is fighter engine derivative of the GE F101. The first F110 ran back in late 1979 was was later selected by the United States Air Force to power the majority of the future General Dynamics F-16 aircraft. Several versions of the engine have been produced several of which are stated below.

F110-GE-100: The -100 was the intital USAF engine and was also selecte dby Bahrain, Egypt, Greece, Israel and Turkey. Deliveries of production F-16C/D aircraft powered by the F110 began in 1986. The United States Navy selected the Dash-100 to power its F-16Ns for the adversary role in its Top Gun programme. By 1995 over 1,400 engines had flown a total of 1.4 million hours.

F110-GE-100A: The -100A was modification of the -100 and was able to provide additional emergency thrust at low level.

F110-GE-100B: The F110-GE-100B was an upgraded engine equipped with FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) and an improved combustor and turbine.

F110-GE-400: The -400 powered the McDonnell Douglas F-14A (Plus) and F-14D Tomcat for the United States Navy. The first production aircraft powered with this engine was delivered to the Navy in November 1987. F-14 Tomcats that were powered with this engine showed a significant improvement in fuel consumption and the ability to catapult launch without the use of and afterburner, resulting in a 61 per cent time-to-climb reduction and a 62 per cent improvement in mission range.

F110-GE-129: The -129 is rated at 129 kN (29,000 lb st) and is the successor to the F110-GE-100. Through the use of improved design and materials, higher operating temperatures, speeds and pressure, the GE IPE (Improved Performance Engine) increases thrust levels by as much as 30 per cent in certain areas of the flight envelope, while retaining more than 80 per cent parts commonality. The IPE's digital electronic controls has 50 per cent fewer parts than previous controls, and offers substantially improved reliability. The first IPE powered F-16 flew in August 1988, and a very successful USAF field servie evaluation program was completed in mid-1992.

Belgium Air Force F-16
UAE General Dynamics F-16
UAE General Dynamics F-16
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F110 Performance

Max. Take-off Thrust (lb st)
Max. Dry Thrust (lb st)
Bypass Ratio
Air Flow (/s)
122 kg (270 lb)
Max Climb Thrust (kN)
Overall Pressure Ratio at Max Climb
Thrust-to-Weight Ratio

GE F110 powered F-16